Small Bites

Small Bites Introduction

Howdy! Ryan here (Crafted Energy co-founder and doer of lot's of things) - I'm very excited to introduce you to a new segment of our brand called:    What Is Small Bites? The quick and easy answer: Our new blog The longer, but still easy answer: Articles developed by pro...

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Recovery Smoothie Recipes

We're excited to share two smoothie recipes that have all the ingredients for optimized recovery so you can give your body the building blocks it needs to recover thoroughly and quickly so you can get back at it. For more on Recovery Nutrition for the Outdoor Athlete, please visit a more...

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Recovery Nutrition for the Outdoor Athlete

 Many athletes are missing a crucial component of training that can improve performance: recovery nutrition. If you get done with your run, ride, climb, etc., and you aren’t fueling correctly afterwards, you may inadvertently be sabotaging your own performance progress. So why is recovery nutrition so important, and what types...

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