Small Bites Introduction


Ryan here (Crafted Energy co-founder and doer of lot's of things) - I'm very excited to introduce you to a new segment of our brand called: 


What Is Small Bites?

The quick and easy answer: Our new blog

The longer, but still easy answer: Articles developed by pro athletes, nutritionists, physicians, and the Crafted Energy team with the goal of sharing information relevant to improved athletic performance.

What Type of Content Can I Expect?

We'll be featuring articles surrounding:

  • Nutrition (principles, meal/recipe ideas, sport-specific needs, etc)
  • Training (warm ups, training tools, injury prevention, gear, etc.)
  • Edutainment (playlists, would you rather, etc.)

So You'll Be Using Articles to Just Sell Product...

We don't need to...that's what our product pages and amazing testimonials do.

Our Small Bites content is focused on giving you more resources and tools, outside of our product, to excel at your sport. We know there is plenty of content out there like this, but we'll always share with our unique lens and true to our 3 core ideals. 

  1. Sport-Specific
  2. Plant-Based / Clean Label
  3. Backed By Science and Nutrition Experts

BONUS: Sassy at times

Parting Words...

We hope you take the time to explore this content and genuinely hope you consider shooting us an email including any questions/topics you'd love for us to explore in the future - Shoot us a note HERE.

Thanks for giving functional energy a shot - we're lucky to have your support!



About the Author: RYAN NABOSHEK

 Based out of Phoenix, AZ, Ryan is a Crafted Energy co-founder and desert dweller. Ryan has an innate passion for the outdoors and desire to explore new terrain. Outside of running many of Crafted's day-to-day operations, he enjoys family hikes with his wife, son, and Goldendoodle. You can also catch him climbing, running, fishing, and riding across AZ's surprisingly lush landscape.