Sport-Specific / Plant-Based / Clean-Label

Put them to the test

You wouldn't train for a 50 mile ride the same way you train for a multi-pitch climb.

That's why we created functional energy.

There's no "one-size-fits-all" approach to training and we believe that's also true with how you fuel your body and support recovery. Crafted's sport-specific energy bars are developed using real ingredients to properly fuel athletes and support their unique recovery needs.

Scattered Energy Bars

We have a passion for sport & commitment to science

We'll let the pros do the talking...

Our Ingredient


Made with only real & raw plant-derived ingredients

Clean Label

We never use any “natural flavors”, preservatives, processing agents, concentrates, oils, etc.

Belly Friendly

Using plant-based and clean ingredients certainly help, but we also uniquely designed each bar to meet the digestion needs of each sport

Why We Made
Functional Energy

Join us in going beyond the packaging to learn about the concept, beginnings, and friends behind Crafted Energy

What Others Are Saying

These bars have been game changing

I was shocked at how good my stomach felt after eating two of these!

Tim (Ultra Runner)
By far my favorite energy bar!

Perfect crag snack, pre-climb energy boost or post-session recovery food. The CLIMBER bar always keeps me fueled and without any bloating or sluggishness, even when I eat one right before climbing.

Maya M. (Climber)
Clean fuel that tastes great!

As a holistic health coach and avid cyclist, I’m always looking for REAL FOOD I can use to fuel my rides. These bars fit the bill and taste great too!

Erin (Holistic Health Coach)
Second time going through a box just in the past couple weeks

After fueling with these for even more long runs and hikes I can still say they're amazing! My stomach handles them really well and they’re filling and tasty

Demi M.
The bars are GREAT!

I've used many energy bars over the years, particularly when training and running races. These by far are the best I have tasted and really help with my training recovery.

Carl T.
Best bars I've found to date

I've gone through dozens of energy bars in my lifetime. Crafted's bars are now officially my go to source for energy prior to a run.

Dan F.
Hand Holding Bars

Focus on your training, we've got your nutrition covered

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Don't Get Bored, Get Flexible

Woah, we’re talking pack sizes here. not only do we offer 3, 6, or 12 packs for each bar, but we also encourage you to mix it up and give others a try.