Functional Energy For Peak Performance

You’re Not “one-size-fits-all”,
your energy bar shouldn’t be either.

WTF is “Functional Energy”?

No, it’s not some B.S. energy drink, jazzercise class, or something an ayahuasca shaman would say...

It's the foundation for meticulously crafted energy bars tailored to meet the specific performance, digestion, and recovery needs of different sports.

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Athlete-Tested, Community Approved

These bars have been game changing

I was shocked at how good my stomach felt after eating two of these!

Tim (Ultra Runner)
By far my favorite energy bar!

Perfect crag snack, pre-climb energy boost or post-session recovery food. The CLIMBER bar always keeps me fueled and without any bloating or sluggishness, even when I eat one right before climbing.

Maya M. (Climber)
Clean fuel that tastes great!

As a holistic health coach and avid cyclist, I’m always looking for REAL FOOD I can use to fuel my rides. These bars fit the bill and taste great too!

Erin (Holistic Health Coach)

Eat the best. Perform your best.

Runner Holding Energy Bar


Made with only the finest raw and natural plant-based ingredients like fruits, nuts, and seeds. Seriously, that’s it.

Runner Holding Energy Bar

Clean Label &

No junk, no preservatives, no fillers. Just clean, stomach-friendly ingredients for a natural boost and easy digestion.

Runner Holding Energy Bar

No Compromises

Doctor-designed, science-backed, and meticulously-tested, the only corners we cut are on our bars.

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No bullsh*t, just cool sh*t. We’re talkin’
sport-specific playlists, nutrition pro-tips, and more. Plus we’ll send you an embarrassing photo of us.

Hand Holding Bars

Focus on your training, we've got your nutrition covered

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