5 Creative & 5 Completely Unnecessary Ways to Enjoy Functional Energy

Bars are self explanatory - You open a package and take a bite. Simple enough!

Not so fast there friend... It's time to get creative and share a few unique (and many unnecessary) ways to enjoy your functional energy!


1) Extra Indulgence

Spread your favorite nut butter on top for some extra protein and a nice recovery treat. Top with some extra chia seeds and maybe a drizzle of agave/maple. Don't forget to enjoy with your pinky out so know you're extra fancy.

 Credit goes to pro-climber, Matt Fultz, for this idea.


2) Convenient Fuel Bites 

 Cut a bar up into 6 equal-sized bites and stash them in your bag, vest, jersey, snack holder, or in your cheeks like a squirrel - pop them in for a quick bite without the hassle of a full bar or package. 

Credit goes to some of our die-hard cyclist customers in Phoenix for this idea.


3) Nutrient-Packed Smoothie 

 Break up a bar into small pieces, throw it in a blender, add 1 frozen banana, & about 10oz of your favorite alternative milk. Blend for about 1 minute - pour slowly into a cup leaving behind any remaining pieces from the bottom.




4) Soft-Bake Cookie

Warm it up in the microwave for 20 seconds for a soft-baked cookie experience. Just like grandma use to make, but without all those pesky diabetes.

5) Split with a Friend

Share the wealth with your favorite training buddy! Sure it’s awkward for your other friends, but a little motivation to be a better friend never hurt anyone...physically.




BONUS: Turn A Bar Into Clean Granola 

Chop a few CLIMBER bars into small pieces, place on a baking sheet, heat in the oven at 250 for 1.5 hours, stir up occasionally, let cool and enjoy! Add it to yogurt, create a custom trail mix, or enjoy however you enjoy granola!

Does it work? We sure hope so, we’ve never tried it!



1) Horse & Carrot Trick

Tie a RUNNER bar to a string, attach said string to a 3-4 foot stick, attach aforementioned 3-4 foot stick to your back. The bar should dangle over your head and provide constant motivation to finish out a run.

2) Have Hiccups?

Eat a bar while tilting your head upside down to get rid of those pesky hiccups. It always works 15% of the time.

3) Grow your own fuel source

Take 1 bar, bury it in roughly 8-12 inches of quick drying soil, put in a warm spot with exposure to sunlight 24 hours a day, water once a week. Within 8 weeks, you should see a sprout appear with constant growth into a full functional energy bar tree in 15-45 years.

4) Hot Day? Pop It In The Freezer

Pop a bar into the freezer to be eaten as a cool/refreshing treat.

*Our lawyers mandated that we share the following disclaimer: Crafted Energy is not liable for dental damage.*

5) Speed Challenge

We’ve got an ongoing challenge where we ask customers to send us a video eating a Crafted Energy Bar with the goal of eating it faster than any human in existence. The fastest person to eat a bar completely will win...another bar. Sadly, this is real folks.


Have any ideas we're missing out on? 

Creative or Unnecessary, most of these ideas come from fans of our functional energy bars and we'd love to add more to the list. Give us a shout (info@craftedenergy.com) to share your ideas and you may get a little surprise on your own! 


About the Author: RYAN NABOSHEK

Based out of Phoenix, AZ, Ryan is a Crafted Energy co-founder and desert dweller. Ryan has an innate passion for the outdoors and desire to explore new terrain. Outside of running many of Crafted's day-to-day operations, he enjoys family hikes with his wife, son, and Goldendoodle. You can also catch him climbing, running, fishing, and riding across AZ's surprisingly lush landscape.